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How to custody adhesives?

Author:    Views:4358    Time:2013-02-22

Adhesive mostly polymeric substance as a soil body, and some will have to add a certain amount of solvent, to rely on a chemical reaction or a physical action to achieve curing, these will occur slowly in the adhesive during storage, so the binder storage period, storage conditions, such as humidity, temperature, ventilation. Is necessary in order to ensure that the adhesive within the prescribed time performance is essentially the same strict attention to the custody of the adhesive. By its nature is different for different types of plastic adhesive, storage conditions are not the same.

Now the custody of several commonly used adhesives precautions as outlined below;

1) epoxy adhesives should be ventilated, dry, cool, room temperature storage period of six months to a year.

2) phenolic resin binder should be installed in a closed container, stored in a cool place, away from fire for a period of six months to l year.

3) the multi-isocyanate glue should be loaded into a brown bottle, dark cryogenic storage, rubber and cork stoppers can not use metal containers, can not be used. And do not permit water to enter, otherwise it will polymerize deterioration; prepolymer polyurethane adhesives avoid cryogenic storage to prevent condensation, Group A points can be stored for 2 years, has components you want to pay attention to moisture, avoid contact with water or other containing active hydrogen material in contact for a period of six months to one year.

4) the temperature of storage of the urea-formaldehyde resin binder should be low if the addition of 5% methanol ha to improve the storage stability.

5) the neoprene adhesive costumes container, seal better. Stored at room temperature, is not available (> 30 ℃) temperature is too high or too low (<5 ° C), away from the fire source. Storage period of 3 to 6 months .

6) a-cyanoacrylate adhesives should be put in sealed, low temperature, dry, dark, cool place storage period of 1 year. Bottles dressed than plastic bottles dressed long storage period.

7) anaerobic adhesive should be stored in a cool, dark place, the storage period of six months, the packaging material of the container should be polyethylene, avoid the use of the iron container and can not be filled, to avoid solid isolated from the air and polymerization metamorphic failure.

8) SGA binder should be sealed and stored, the two components to be isolated and placed in a cool, ventilated, cool, dry place, time limit of six months to one year.

9) of polyester vinyl acetate emulsion (creamy white glue) application glass, ceramic, plastic containers, storage temperature is 5 ~ 30c, avoid frozen storage period of 1 year.

10) hot melt adhesive should be stored away from light, heat insulation, room temperature.

11) inorganic binder should be sealed and stored, to prevent moisture absorption affect use.

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