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The school prepared material parents keep in mind the four-Note "

Author:    Views:4468    Time:2013-02-22

School soon, this time also busy parents than children, ready to stationery, prepare clothes, adjust work schedules to the children ... this time, the parents how to help children, in order to allow them to start a new semester learning, life it? experienced teacher for the parents of four Note.

A stationery Do not buy expensive

The stationery store these days packed with parents and children, parents are finding many stationery do not know, I do not know what to do with prohibitively expensive brand-name or sets of stationery. Children are very interested in, but then the fun pencil case, pen, small clip and put it down on the set of stationery.

Preschool teachers, young children do not need stationery. Too complicated stationery piecemeal "accessories" and "function" only children in the classroom, "distracted". Low-grade children to use pencil boxes, pencil, ruler, eraser to prepare a few pieces, scissors, crayons, solid glue stick should prepare, you should also prepare a pencil sharpener, but it must be simple. Grade students to prepare pen, ball-point pen, correction paper, drawing tools, these things do not have high-end. Child's school bag on the line as long as the durable, preferably dark color. Small clip where the stationer, paste, fine sundries box, pen holder and other things dispensable, parents, best not to buy. As for the high school students stationery can let them pick out, give them 30 dollars would be sufficient.

, Clothing and supplies focusing on simplicity and comprehensive

Children attend kindergartens ready towel quilt, quilts, pillows, and in the name on top embroidered good boy. Prepare two sets of a change of clothes to stay in the nursery.

Middle school students to wear uniforms at school generally installed, but give the child the parents contact card is necessary, in addition, prepare a little Band-Aid.

Of children admitted to the university, the parents can let them to do, parents do a final check on the line. Do not forget a small medicine chest "for kids, should prepare some cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, trauma medicine.

Third, do not let children resource materials crushed

Before the school year, many parents love to take their children to the bookstore to buy resource materials, extracurricular reference books, there are even teachers with teaching reference buy. In fact, resource materials do not have to buy too much and not to be buying them. Parents should be reducing the burden for the child's school bag. Children should be used in textbooks and reference class teaching aids, school will be sent to the hands of the students. Parents touches can pick some meaningful extracurricular books.

Fourth, the psychological preparation before the semester begins

Adjust work schedules are parents know, in addition to the children to change some of the summer to develop the habits, such as: snack, do not eat on time, incorrect reading and writing posture. Parents must pay attention to the do not always use: "disobedient, school tell your teacher" or "after school do not learn nothing you buy like language to rebuke the children to avoid the child psychologically resentment of school .

The beginning of a new school year, parents are ready to let the children happily go to school.

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